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 WvWvW Mode Rough Guide

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PostSubject: WvWvW Mode Rough Guide   WvWvW Mode Rough Guide EmptySat Sep 22, 2012 6:40 am

So what is WvWvW :
Well simply it's a
battle on 4 maps between three servers for points towards home server
bonuses in both PvP and PvE, the more points you have the better the

The 4 maps are divided thus; each server gets one map as it homeland map and the 4th map is a central point between all three.
The homeland maps all have a lake in the centre and the 4th has a massive castle.

The only areas that can not be taken are the spawn points of each server on any of the maps, everything else is fair game.

in this game mode always use TEAM chat and place names, not SAY, this
so that everyone on the map at the time knows what's going on as you
might be shouting for help or warn of incoming enemies in say mode and
those out of say range won't know.

The battle between servers
lasts for one week and is reset every Friday at 1am GMT, these battles
are done on a ranking system that is based on the complex Chess masters
ranking system, don't ask me how it works I haven't a clue bar that it's
like a league table.

The main objective is to control all the areas do that and your sitting pretty buts it's harder than it looks.

you can all charge around in a mob taking everywhere on mass but this
does not mean it will still be like that when you come back as you can't
be there 24/7 or you could do it the tactical way of making the
strongholds ultra defensive by building them up as much as you can.

here is the key to it you need supplies to build stronghold defences up
and also supplies to build siege equipment, so if you lose the supplies
your going to have a very hard time gaining ground or even defending

Put the mantra in your heads now I must get supplies
from any supply camp when I have non (each player can carry 10
supplies), if you're a regular WvW player make sure you have full
supplies before you log out of WvW that way when you log back in your up
and running from the get go.

I really can't emphasize enough the importance of supplies they are critical in any battle without them you can do zip.

Siege Equipment needs supplies as well and if you all have
them they can be built in seconds as they are very vulnerable pre built and can
easily be destroyed but more on these at a later date

other thing to remember is never to take supplies from a stronghold
like towers or keeps especially right after capturing one and not until
the upgrade is activated and your upgrading it, these places need
supplies for the upgrades to activate as well as need them to repair
gates and walls when they are being attacked (this can only be done by
players in the event of an attack the NPC's will only repair when it's
not being attacked)

Tips: If you see an enemy supply caravan,
crossing or supply camp close by take it out, the same goes for our own
if you spot a battle or the enemy close to any of ours take them out and
make sure that our supply caravans get to where they are going.

to what supply camp feeds what on the homeland map the north one at the
top of the map feeds both the left and right Towers as well as the main
homeland Keep.
The supply camps to the left and right both feed the
homeland Keep as well as the lower Keeps on their respective sides and
the same in reverse for the lower supply camps.

I've made a little photo guide for you and the key is:

Yellow Cross = Spawn point
5 = Supply Camp
10 = Tower
25 = Keep
50 = Castle

map has been outlined and you can only be on one map at a time, the one
at the centre bottom is the free map as in it's not a homeland map but
is the one with the castle.

WvWvW Mode Rough Guide Gw2_cartepvp_01_hd_zps2db02a25
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WvWvW Mode Rough Guide
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